BC69 – Multi-function CO2 PM2.5 Air Quality Detector

Multifunctional 12 in 1 Air quality detector can connect the fresh air system Co2 monitor  (BC69)

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Silver, White








Charging Cable, Manual

Measurable parameters

AQI, CO2, HCHO, Humidity, PM1.0, PM10, PM2.5, Temperature (C/F), TVOC

Product Details

Product Specifications

1. product Name: Air Quality Detector
2. Model Name: BC69 (WIFI Tuya)
3. Detecting Item: CO2 / Temp / Hum / AQI /HCHO / TVOC / PM2.5 / PM10 / PC tool / Tuya APP
4. Material: ABS/Acrylic/Electronic Components/Air Sensors
5. CO2 : 400-5000ppm (±50ppm + 6%)
6. PM10 : 0-9999μg/m³
7. PM2.5: 0-9999μg/m³
8. TVOC : 0-9999μg/m³
9. HCHO: 0-9999μg/m³
10. AQI : 0-500
11. Temperature: 0-55ºC
12. Humidity : 0-99%
13. Time displaying: Hour + Minute
14. WIFI icon: WIFI function active, display WIFI icon (Option)
15. Battery icon: Show battery usage and charging status;
16. AQI icon: AQI value based on CO2 value, displaying value will be from 0-500;
17. Li-Battery: 2500mAh ( Working time: 3-5 Hours )
18. Type-C Power Supply: 5V/2A
19. Size: 300*200*30mm
20. Weight: 450g
21. Working current: 5V/1000mA
22. Rated Power:10W
23. Standby Current:< 3mA
24. WIFI supporting: Tuya WIFI+BT CB3S (Optional)
25. Connecting Platform: PC tool (Data exporting)

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