BC69 - Multi-function CO2 PM2.5 Air Quality Detector

Multi-function CO2 PM2.5 Air Quality Detector (BC69)

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Measurable parameters

CO2, HCHO, Humidity, PM1.0, PM10, PM2.5, Temperature (C/F), TVOC

Product Details

Product Description

This product is a multifunctional air quality detector that detects Carbon Dioxide CO2, Formaldehyde (HCHO), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), Particulate Matter with <2.5 micron-sized particles (PM2.5/1.0/10), Temperature, and Humidity with clock and record function. As a scientific air quality detection device, it combines multiple air sensors with a built-in fan to allow real-time monitoring of Carbon Dioxide CO2, formaldehyde (HCHO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), PM2.5/1.0/10, temperature, and humidity on its digital LCD display.

Function 1 PM2.5  PM1.0 PM10
Function 2 CO2
Function 3 HCHO(Formaldehyde)
Function 4 TVOC 
Function 5 Temp Hum
Function 6 Clock Alarm
Material   Metal
Power supply Built-in Li-battery rechargeable 3000mah
CO2 Detection data range 0-5000ppm
PM2.5 Detection data range 0.001-999ug/M3
HCHO(Formaldehyde) 0.001-1.999mg/M3
the standard for formaldehyde (HCHO)  ≤ 0.10mg / m3
 standard for total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)  ≤ 0.6mg / m3 


Standard Accessories : 

-Main device DM601

-USB Charging cable 

-User guide 


Product Specifications

Display method: 4.3″ LCD screen display, 320 x 240 pixels

Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa – 106Kpa

 CO2 Technology:  infrared ( NDIR)  

PM2.5 Sensor technology: Laser Scattering

HCHO  technology: Electrochemistry sensor                                                                                            
TVOC  Semiconductor sensor                                                                              

Sampling time: 1.5 seconds

Product Size: 192*55*80 MM

Detection temperature: -10°C to 50°C

Relative humidity: 20% – 85%

Storage temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Concentration unit for HCHO and TVOC: mg/m³

Power source: Lithium battery with 3000 mAh capacity; 5V DC power charging via micro USB port

Product weight: 225g  


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