BC410 - 5 in 1 Multi-function CO2 PM2.5 Air quality detector

5 in 1 Multi-function CO2 PM2.5 Air quality detector

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1, Multifunctional Air Quality Detector: The built-in DART air quality monitoring sensor can accurately detect the five main substances in the air (AQI, HCHO, TVOC, CO, CO2, not only that, but the detector can also detect toluene in the air, such as carbon dioxide, fog, dust, etc.
2, More Accurate Detection: In order to ensure the accuracy of detection, the instrument adopts the latest air maintenance analysis chip and natural air volume detection technology, and implements a pollution classification system to facilitate you to understand air pollution and index at any time.
3, Portable Ultra-long Standby: Built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, standby time can last for 7-10 hours, and is equipped with a USB data cable, which can be charged at any time, saving costs. The size is very small, you can carry it with you at any time.
4, Easy to Operate: Equipped with a 5.5-inch LED screen digital display, wide field of vision, clear and comfortable. The latest unique mold and design can provide the average value of each gas. Just press the power on/off button for 3 seconds to easily operate this air monitor.
5, Widely Applicable: Widely used in homes, offices, enterprises, schools, and automobiles. Detect and monitor air problems at any time to ensure the health of family members or employees.

Name: Air Quality Detector
Material: ABS
Display mode: LED digital display
Error fluctuation: 3%-15%
Battery: 2000mAh lithium battery
Lifetime: about 2 hours
Standby time: about 180-240 minutes
Charging time: about 4 hours
Power-on warm-up: 120 seconds
Input voltage: 5V/1A
Working environment: 5-40℃, <90%RH
Display fluctuation: 20%-50%
Product size: about 125*80*35 mm/4.92*3.15*1.38in
Packing size: about 170*96*40mm/6.69*3.78*1.57in

Packing List:
1 *Air Quality Tester
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 *User Manual


It is recommended to close doors and windows during indoor testing. It takes about 60 minutes to test formaldehyde TVOC CO2 (only 3-15 minutes for test cabinets, drawers, and other small spaces).

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